Cluster IA and to boost businesses with AI and 5G

Cluster IA and to boost businesses with AI and 5G

Cluster IA, the association of Artificial Intelligence’s Startup, and, a startup studio building deeptech startups, have together formed a task force on AI and 5G.

The key objective of this joint activity is to support local companies in the Côte d’Azur region to understand new use cases enabled by 5G and AI. This include increasing their competitiveness by connecting their factories, facilities, harbors or agriculture and automizing their processes.

The activity will start by collecting use cases from local companies and public organizations. These use cases will then be analyzed, on their feasibility and business value with the ecosystem.

« 5G is a game changer for industry and local authorities that can now build their own small network, to collect more data and to control their equipment », said Claude Seyrat, CEO of

«  More data provided by 5G means more value generated by AI. It is essential that the local players can start now and be helped and supported while progressively adopting these technologies » added Felix Kudelka, President of the Cluster IA.