Startups Portfolio

These are the cool projects we are working on!

My Little Engine

AI-powered Internet FIND engine. It allows users to train and hone their searches step by step, by e.g. adding and prioritizing the criteria.

My Little Engine allows its users to find information that is otherwise practically undiscoverable with traditional search engines.

Provides Open Source 4G/5G RAN and CORE Software and tailored features where needed, to Industry 4.0 customers.


Provides streamlined and responsible equipment financing services for SMEs:

For companies who don’t want to spend their cash reserves on e.g. printers, coffee machines or computers, and want transparency in their leasing terms.

Pairing Technology

Helps investors and financial institutions to spot weak signals and to predict key events of unlisted companies. Its A.I. detects e.g. capital increase, key recruitments, new funding needs, etc.